Complete Streets PROJECT

The Guilford Safe Streets Taskforce has partnered with Schmidt Design Group to produce a comprehensive report of transportation infrastructure in the town, engaging Guilford community members in envisioning solutions for greater safety and comfort for all road users.

For the foundational work the Safe Streets Task Force and Complete Streets Project team has done, Guilford resident Glenn Weston-Murphy said:

"My thanks to all of you for enlightening me and giving a new perspective on our “travelways.” Over the course of the last few days your downtown walk and workshops helped me to see our town in a new light. I applaud all of your efforts to make Guilford a better place for all. As I did my loop around the perimeter of downtown this morning I saw the way with a really fresh view."


SAVE THE DATE! 7.23.21 - 7.24.21 Guilford Complete Streets Demonstration Project at the intersection of New England Road & Long Hill Road

All you have to do is drive past! Speed data pre-and post-demonstration is being collected to determine the impact. The graphic below explains what will be modified in the intersection, to slow traffic. If you'd like to submit comments to the Safe Streets Task Force about the project, email

Share your insights about Guilford streets on this interactive community map.

Not sure where to start? Watch the Community Mapping tutorial below!

Guilford Complete Streets Community Mapping Tutorial_small.mp4


6.11.21 - 6.12.21 Guilford Complete Streets Demonstration Projects on the Green


The Guilford Safe Streets Task Force & Complete Streets Project Team set up demonstrations on the Guilford Green on Friday & Saturday (June 11-12) to show the community what curb extensions could look like at the corner of Park Street and Broad Street - and on the crosswalk outside Town Hall - as a means of slowing traffic. We surveyed Guilford residents at the demonstration sites to determine whether you felt safer as a driver, cyclist, or pedestrian with these curb extensions in place, and whether you’d like to see something similar installed permanently. Fifty nine percent of pedestrians felt much safer with the curbs extended, 29% of bicyclists felt much safer, and 65% of motorists and bicyclists felt much more aware of pedestrians.

43 Guilford residents signed Safe Driver, Safe Bicyclist, and Safe Pedestrian Pledges of Commitment. You can too - click on a pledge and download it to fill it in and submit it!

Safe Driver Pledge

Safe Bicyclist Pledge

Safe Pedestrian Pledge

When you submit it by email, please indicate if you'd like to receive a

  • "Drive Like Your Kids Live Here" lawn sign

  • bumper magnet, or

  • Guilford Safe Streets blinking light wand

Guilford Complete Streets Third Virtual Public Workshop 4.29.21

Workshop 3 Video Recording

20210429_public workshop meeting3_compressed.pdf

Workshop 3 Presentation

Guilford Complete Streets Second Virtual Public Workshop 4.28.21

Workshop 2 Video Recording

20210428public workshop_2

Workshop 2 Presentation

Guilford Complete Streets First Virtual Public Workshop 4.27.21

Workshop 1 Video Recording

20210427public workshop_1.pptx

Workshop 1 Presentation

Guilford Complete Streets Virtual Public Meeting 2.25.21

Safe Streets Public Meeting
20210225public information meeting_Final.pptx

What is the Complete Streets Project?

Guilford's Complete Streets project is an ongoing initiative seeking to produce a set of recommendations to improve safety on Guilford's roads. At the conclusion of a thoughtful and transparent planning process, the Town will be presented with a Complete Streets Plan to serve as a blueprint for future projects and programs that can be implemented by the community in the years to come.

How did this project begin?

In 2015 and 2016, two significant pedestrian and bicyclist projects (the Shoreline Greenway Trail and the Nut Plains Path) were brought to the Board of Selectmen, and as required by the town charter, public meetings were held for concerned residents to provide input on the proposed projects. In both cases, significant public opposition emerged, the projects were not approved, and it became clear to many Town officials that the existing process for proposing "non-motorist" transportation upgrades was not meeting the needs of the community. To address these issues, the Safe Streets Task Force was created by the BOS and convened its first meeting in June 2018.