Guilford Safe Streets Task force

Guilford is a special place.
The Mission of the Safe Streets Task Force is to preserve and enhance the scenic, historic, and environmental resources of our Town while improving safety, mobility equity, and connectivity for our Residents.
We seek to accomplish our mission via a community-centered, transparent process.

What are Safe Streets?

Safe Streets, also known as "Complete Streets", are designed to safely accommodate all road users of all ages and abilities, including pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, motorists, and commercial and emergency vehicles. Safe Streets contribute to a comprehensive, integrated, and equitable multi-modal network of transportation options.

Why does Guilford need Safe Streets?

Guilford is an active community with residents who walk and bike for recreation, exercise, or as a means to get to work or school. However, many roads in Guilford are not able to safely accommodate all modes of travel and there are parts of the Town that are difficult or dangerous to access without a car. The planning and implementation of Safe Streets in Guilford will enable the Town to maintain and enhance the scenic and historic character of the community and improve safety and accessibility.

What are the benefits of Safe Streets?

Safe Streets not only improve accessibility and safety for all road users, but also promote physical health, contribute to an integrated and equitable transportation network, support economic development, and address environmental issues associated with noise and air pollution. Overall, Safe Streets contribute to an enhanced quality of life for all residents of the community.

What is the Safe Routes to School program?

Safe Routes to School is a federal, state, and local effort that aims to improve walking and bicycling conditions for students traveling to and from school by addressing infrastructure improvements, educational programming, and policy changes that promote active transportation. While some of Guilford's seven schools can be reached on foot or bike, others are less accessible. The Safe Routes to School program offers an excellent opportunity to enhance connectivity between Guilford's schools and neighborhoods, thereby improving safety and encouraging active lifestyles amongst the Town's youth.

Please visit here on the Town of Guilford website for meeting dates, agendas, and minutes.